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My career in the helping profession began in 2000.  After spending over 12 years as a social worker, I pursued a Master’s degree in Counseling and I’ve enjoyed both the challenges and successes.  I specialize in grief and stress management/reduction, but would consider myself a general practitioner.  Most often I utilize a cognitive behavioral approach which  focuses on integrating into one’s home the skills learned in session.  You will most likely leave sessions with homework as I believe so much growth happens between our times together. Be prepared to put in some work! You'll enjoy both the journey and the destination.



Most of my patients would tell you that I'm not the type of therapist that simply sits in session and nods their head.  While I enjoy a more laid back setting, I also value improvement in the lives of each of my patients.  I believe that is best achieved by gentle, yet direct confrontation of the issues which prevent you from living the life you desire.  I often approach your concerns with a holistic perspective. This means at some point during our time together I will likely also explore how diet/nutrition and exercise play an integral role in your mental health. I truly want to see you live the best life you're capable of living and I can't wait to watch you rewrite it.

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