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Individual, Family, and Couples

Therapy is how I spend the majority of my day.  I work with individuals, families, and couples in a variety of situations.  ACT and CBT are my preferred treatment modalities, but I approach every patient from a holistic perspective.  This generally includes looking at diet/nutrition, activity level, medications, and over-the counter use of vitamins or supplements.


Critical incident response

Groups, Individuals, Companies, and Schools

When traumatic events occur, having a therapist on-site helps people process how they feel about the situation and return to normal as quickly as possible.  I have a variety of experience in critical incident response including sessions at companies, schools, and law-enforcement departments.



Youth Suicide

Stress, Burnout, Self-Care

Next to my love for counseling patients is my passion for educating professionals on the topics of youth suicide and stress, burnout, and self-care.  I've presented throughout the Midwest region at hospitals, schools, professional training venues, the American Counseling Association of Missouri, Kansas Counselors Association, and The Suicide Prevention Conference.  



Interns and Clinical Licensure Candidates

Those pursuing a master's degree in counseling or clinical licensure are welcome to consider me for their supervision.  I love to see new therapists grow their skills and combine them with their education to change the lives of their patients.  I am currently approved to supervise provisionally licensed counselors in Missouri and/or Kansas.  



Career, Relationships, Personal Goals

A more goal-oriented approach, life-coaching looks less like focusing on emotions and more like examining productive vs. non-productive behaviors.  It is a short-term and solution-focused strategy for making profound changes in a limited amount of time.

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